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How do you define luxury? Here, that word means something very tangible.

To Tower Land Company, “luxury” encompasses rolling hills, magnificent Tennessee sunsets, porches to watch that sun rise again, and wide open spaces flecked with grazing horses. It means land, and lots of it; land to call your own and privacy to attach your name to. Land that deserves a name bestowed to it, and land that creates a legacy to pass on to your family members.

Tower Land Company was established to give our friends those luxuries. A family-owned real estate company that specializes in rural communities, we’ve established our roots in middle Tennessee. We’re devoted to providing real estate that will be the home of many memories.

Currently, Tower Land Company is developing communities in Williamson, Maury and Fentress counties. The land includes mixed-use communities, equestrian developments, estate lot subdivisions and recreational properties. Look through our website, and see how Tower Land Company is impacting what the word “luxury” means to the middle Tennessee community.